Beltane Links

I am a solitary practitioner at the moment. Mostly it’s by life circumstance: I live pretty far away from where a lot of the rituals in my city are held, until recently there hasn’t been a Pagan gathering near me, etc. Also, I’m still in the closet, as it were, and until otherwise I feel the it best to eschew public gatherings. More thoughts on that at a later date, though.

However, I love to celebrate the Sabbats. Ever since I was little I took note of the changing of the seasons. I could ‘feel’ a thunderstorm coming; I  laid in the grass watching the endless parade of puffy summer clouds; I stood outside on rare cold evenings just so I wouldn’t miss our ephemeral winters. I love to celebrate the changing seasons, whether in community or by myself.

In that spirit, each time a Sabbat roles around I figured I’d gather links that include history, crafts, recipes, meditations, reflections, etc. If you have any pertinent resources, please comment!


Bealtainn (Part 1–General and Scottish Custom) and Bealtainne (Part 2–General and Irish Custom) by Tairis. Very thorough!!!

Celebration of May Day by Mike Nichols

Beltane: A Return to Feeling by Diotima Mantineia

Beltane: Holiday Details and History by Christina Aubin

Beltane Crafts


CharmingPixieFlora’s Beltane Ideas (Wiccan/Goddess oriented–she has a ton of videos with Sabbat ideas, family celebration ideas, crafts, recipes, etc…)

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