Blessed Friday and Beltane Plans

TGIF, you know?

So, Beltane planning is in full swing. Instead of writing this post I should be cleaning. However, BabyGirl is napping (HALLELUJAH!) so I thought I’d take advantage of the downtime to synthesize my thoughts for the weekend.

I’m having trouble making a cohesive Beltane plan because there is so much that I want to do. I have a meditation I recorded, I want to bless my garden, I want to do a devotional ritual, I’d like to ritually clean and smudge the house…Plus we have a friend’s BBQ to go to tomorrow, I promised to help and, natch, I’d also like to get to the farmer’s market to buy some meat.


I think it’s going to breakdown something like this:


  • Morning: If house clean(ish), then go to farmer’s market w/ C. Come home and smudge before leaving to help w/ the party.
  • Afternoon: help with the party, party, enjoy a communal spring celebration
  • Evening: do a devotional ritual to set up the evening, listen to the meditation, then go outside to bless the garden.


  • Morning: greet the sunrise, perhaps perform another small ritual in the garden. Make special breakfast.
  • Then…relax. Enjoy a clean house. After C is down for the evening do a seasonal Tarot reading to begin the summer season.

The only things I need to work on tonight is putting together a fertility ritual for my garden. Seriously–it just seems like something is…I don’t know…wrong in the garden. When I go to water and check on the plants I don’t get a sense of health or vibrancy. Maybe it’s the drought, maybe there’s not quiet enough sun where we put the new beds (ugh). But a little oomph couldn’t hurt. Any ideas?

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