Announcing a Project

Hello my dear readers!

Today I am announcing a project. Why? For accountability. And because announcements are fun.

After I wrote the Food Philosophy: Seasonality post I referenced that the argument vegetarians/vegans put forth about theirs being the more environmentally friendly way to eat was ‘not quiet right’. In the comments I was asked for more information.

Well, I’m going to meet (meat, hah) that challenge. I love to write. I love to research. I was that weird kid who looked forward to essays with a glint in my eye and a bit of saliva drooling down my chin. Yeah, that kid. So, I’m going to answer this question dissertation style. What I’m thinking is that I’ll write a whole thesis or whatever (however long it turns out to be), condense it to a blog post and link to the full size PDF.

This will take a few weeks. More like a couple of months, most likely, but I’ll keep you guys up to date on my research, sources, thoughts and ask for input. I’m not sure of the complete content yet as research itself has a way of sorting that out for you…but so far looking at some books/journals is proving very promising. I do love a good project.

I’m shooting for a must-be-done date of early July. Hopefully sooner than that, but I have a few trips scheduled, as well as my best friend giving birth which I’ll be involved in.

I’m doing this for several reasons. One, because I think that it will be good for me to put that argument to rest in my own head. Two, I think it’ll be interesting to generate discussion. Being vegan/vegetarian and Pagan is linked in many people’s heads, and I want to probe at that some. Three, I think research/dissertations are fun. Plain and simple. Why am I not in graduate school?

I hope you’ll join me for this. I can’t wait to get started!

One comment on “Announcing a Project

  1. Jax says:

    Yay! I’m totally looking forward to this! And don’t think I won’t prod. 🙂 One of these days I’m going to write Part 2 (and maybe Part 3) of The Princesses’ Food Manifesto, and if you’ve got this up, I’d love to link to it.

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