My Hairstylist is an Astrologer

[Welcome to my afternoon-iced-latté thought stream]

I got my hair cut today! I always promise myself that I’ll go at least three times a year to get my hair styled, but I actually only make it once.  And then I just let it grow. However, I do love love love my hairstylist. Who is also an astrologer, psychic, tarot reader, eyebrow waxer and Reiki practioner. Needless to say, we have interesting conversations.

After she finished my hair today she calculated my birth chart using some computer program. Apparently I am: sun in Pisces, Virgo rising and moon in Taurus.  Water, earth, earth. She said a lot of other stuff too about Saturn but I had no grid for what she was talking about so I didn’t understand it a whit.

Basically, the gist of it was (her interpretations) that Pisces (mist–as opposed to Scorpio [ice] and Capricorn [flood]) and Virgo rising was a really balanced combination. She said she had often wondered about my appearance and before she did the chart guessed that I was either a Leo or Virgo rising. Weird how people can do that–you know, they become proficient in seeing patterns in their clients/people/whatever that they can spot things like that? Anyway. Apparently, moon in Taurus signals that I’m reserved and cautious with my emotions, putting a serious reign in over my Piscesean ways.

I asked a lot of questions about what she does. Just curious about how other people live their path. It’s also great because, like most hairdressers I’ve been to, she’s a talker. Love it. Nothing worse than a boring hour or so in the chair.

She asked me certain questions about my husband and then just…like, talked forever about what “he might be going through” and…it was dead. fucking. on.

You know those times when you’re like…but I didn’t tell you anything how could you possibly know?

I wasn’t creeped out. Just. You know. Surprised.

When I left I felt like I had gotten a haircut and a psychic reading in one.  Not bad for an hour in a chair.

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