The Darkening Time of Year

I love, love, love this time of year. I love the early setting sun. The persistent shadows that stretch across my backyard and throughout the house. The sun is bright and white; everything but the deepest shade is overexposed.

J, C and I just got back on Sunday night from six days at the in-laws for Thanksgiving (…) and I couldn’t be happier to be home. November was packed to the brim: NaNoWriMo (finished!), Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Trainer (quit!*), Thanksgiving visits and at the very beginning of the month, Samhain. Whew. Add in the usual household chores and a burgeoning garden (yay!!) and we had a busy, albeit fulfilling, month. But, like I said, I’m happy to be home, and I’m happy to be blogging again.

Sunday night I pulled out the garland and started decorating for the upcoming Solstice season:

Last year because of being the sleepless mother of a four-month old, we didn’t do much besides hang a swag of lighted garland. This year, I have grand plans that include making these hurricane candle holders and sewing up PJs for some friends’ kids and the fam.

I’ll admit it: I love the Christmas/Solstice season. I celebrate both. Culturally and traditionally, I celebrate Christmas. Personally, I celebrate the Winter Solstice. Last year my parents, Claire and I went to the beach. The cold wind buffeted our faces, waves crashed against packed sand and when I went home I watched online as the solstice passed along the globe.

This time of year always seems to bring about discussions of whether or not P/pagans should celebrate Christmas. In an interesting turn of events in our family, one of my über-fundamentalist Christian relatives has decided to not celebrate Christmas (or Easter) since the Torah apparently (I don’t know and I’m not invested enough in the argument to find out) says to not have anything to do with pagan practices, ever. Apparently this means trees, garland, mistletoe (did you know, this person told me, very bug-eyed, that pagans had sex in front of everyone under the mistletoe?!–it sounded like information from a bad 101 book…and about Beltane, not the Solstice), Christmas music and gift giving.

I tried a little to explain and give them historical context, etc. but it didn’t really take.

On the spiritual side of things I’m about to start working through a book called Tarot Shadow Work. A lot of thinking about regeneration and survival. I feel like, even though I’m not a Christian, that this is a time of advent for me.

So, that’s enough of catching-up. Anyone reading this, how was your T-day? What are your plans for the holidays? What are your thoughts on the whole Solstice or Christmas discussion?

*I started Jamie Eason’s Live Fit Trainer, which you can find at, about 10 weeks ago. I progressed through the first six weeks easily, but on top of 6 days of weights they add 4 days of 30 minute cardio. Then, in the third phase, plyometrics. It is way, way too much. Even scaling down the frequency of workouts and cardio, I ended up hurting my back. I’ve never had a hurt back in my life. I know how to lift weights: I took a course in college, and I’m a trained yoga teacher which provides me with some knowledge of anatomy and form. In my opinion, informed by additional research and my experience, this is not a well-designed or safe workout program.

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