Yuletide Crafts

So, I’ve been feeling crafty lately. I sometimes paint and frequently write, but I’m not much of a craft person, per se, until the holidays. It seems that I get all of my crafting energies out during a six-week period.

Orange Ornaments

Our tree was looking kind of sparse when my husband requested that I “do those fruit ornaments again.”  He could have meant the cranberry and popcorn garland that I sometimes do (required: needle, strong thread, cranberries and popcorn…and string ’em up!) but I knew that he meant the orange rounds. They’re easy and look very elegant and Victorian.

First, slice a couple of oranges into thin rounds. This is easier sad than done, and it helps to use a serrated knife. Place rounds on a baking sheet and pop into the oven, preheated to 250. Check every thirty minutes. Turn the slices at the first sight of any browning. After the first hour, reduce the heat to 200 and let them dehydrate until you’re satisfied.

Orange slices, 250 for the first hour then lower to 200 til you're satisfied.

Remove and let cool. Poke holes into one of the segments and loop some pretty ribbon through. Hand on your tree. Voilà!

Glittering Hurricane Lamps

I used good ol’ Martha’s template for the scenery. I bought craft glue with a brush instead of with a tip. As I was impatient to start the project, I made do instead of going back to the store. Big mistake! I used the brush it came with and another thin one I had, but painting the glue on was a pain.

What you need:

Glass candle holders

Craft glue bottle (like Tacky Glue), applicator tip

Fine glass glitter

Template, if you choose

Soft paintbrush


1. If you want to use a template, click on the link above. Size and print out the templates. Tape them to the interior of candle holder.

2. Lay down newspaper/covering on your crafting area. Glitter is like sand—it gets everywhere.

3. Begin to apply the glue on the outside of the holder. Sprinkle with glitter and let dry.

4. After the glue has dried, use a soft paint brush to knock of the excess glitter. Move to the next section. Keep going until completed.


*  In addition to using the glue with the tip, if I did this again I’d use a straight-sided candle holder. The curvy ones were all I could find and made painting more difficult.

*  This is a project that you could be really creative with. Any Sabbat or holiday, any colors of glitter, any shapes. I might do some freehand for Imbolc as they glitter very nicely in the candlelight.


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