The Empress (III)

Today during the daily card draw I drew the Empress.

Funnily enough, Dinosaur Train is on right now, and the episode is about Maiasaura, the Good Mother Lizard. Gotta love synchronicity.

Traditionally, the Empress card is the Good Mother card. Across the Tarot decks  she’s usually portrayed with pomegranates, wheat, a starry crown, a shield and sometimes pregnant. It’s read as a card of new beginnings, nurture, creativity, sensuality, fertility, promise and assurance.

It was a refreshing card to pull. The first five days of the Primal eating/devotion challenge haven’t gone swell. I’m not upset about it, at all, just learning from what’s keeping me back (lack of sleep, lack of planning). It was also encouraging because I have a lot of ‘new’ things going. First, a more and more directed interest in the Celtic pantheon. A few in specific, one that terrifies me and will require more…consideration. On both parts, I think. But I’m excited nonetheless.

Two, a renewed and growing interest in a few crafts: herbalism and sewing.

Three, a new story idea that I’m very, very excited about. I’ve been working on two stories for the past four years, but this is a left turn from both of them. It feels…right. It’ll take a lot of research, but the start seems so vivid!

The only thing in life right now that seem to be in a process of deconstructing is…the blog, actually. I feel like it needs an infusion of something, mainly, my own time and consideration. I have a lot of ideas but nothing that I’ve done yet. And as this is my main portal into any kind of Pagan community, I want to make sure that I’m putting thought and time into it. It also helps that after two years of disparate spiritual wanderings are finally becoming cohesive (herbalism/gardening, the Celtic pantheon, going to the UU church, hearth-witchery).

I hope the New Year is going swimmingly for all of you!

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