The Inaugral Cocktail: The Boozy Citrus

So, sure, it’s a bit late on a Saturday night to try a cocktail. But who says that Sunday evening (or morning–brunch!) doesn’t warrant a bit of lubrication?

I made up this cocktail after an hour or so figuring out my new…Twitter…account. Opinion is divided as to whether I’m super (un)fashionably late or selling my soul. Time will tell.


1/4 lime

1/2 small orange

1/2 tsp. sugar

1.5 oz. vodka (I used Tito’s Handmade)

.75 oz. gin (Hendrick’s)

.5 oz. orange liqueur (Grand Marnier)

Splash grenadine


Cocktail shaker

Muddler or wooden spoon


Put lime, orange and sugar in the bottom of the shaker. Muddle until all the juice is released and sugar is dissolved. Pour in alcohol, (gentle) splash grenadine. Add ice. Shake and pour. Voilà!

Tastes like:

Husband: “Like pink lemonade…with a kick.”

Me: “A boozy orange.”


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