Book Review: Magic of the Celtic Gods and Goddesses

I like this book because I’m on the cover.

…I kid, I kid. Seriously though, that might be as close to a photo of me this blog ever gets. I just don’t set fire to my hair when I’m having my picture taken.

So, this book. I bought it over the holidays and read it in about two days/two car trips. It’s an easy read.

Magic of…(henceforth known as MOTCGs…) never aspires to be anything more than an introductory book for the pan-Pagan. I’ve seen a lot of Celtic-Reconstructionist (CR) reviewers complain that it’s not very accurate, not precise, that it has a Wiccan slant and oh–that godawful title.

Yes. The title sucks.

(That’s the publisher’s fault, most likely.)

The authors state in the beginning that this is an introductory text for newbs, meant to give an introduction to all sorts of people with an interest in the Celtic deities. This includes (gasp!) Wiccans, witches, CRs, druids, eclectics…whoever! So when the authors comment that so-and-so deity could be associated with Yule, and then CR-based reviewers complain that ZOMG! This book is for Wiccans! I find that criticism to be a bit disingenuous.

In the second chapter, the authors of MOCG set out their goals:

  • To introduce you to a variety of the most important and interesting Celtic deities.
  • To present the deities through story and lore associated with them
  • To offer ideas and suggestions about how you can foster a more intimate connection with them
  • [The authors] offer no spells, magical attributes or correspondences
  • [The authors] are not providing an academic approach (though one ‘informed’ by scholarly work)
  • [The authors] don’t tell you what to believe

All in all, MOCG accomplished what it set out to do. I am more familiar with the Celtic pantheon. I feel inspired to seek out more knowledge. I don’t feel condescended to, but, on the flip side, it isn’t particularly challenging. It is completely 101. The information wasn’t redundant, and now I have more of a grid for seeking more resources.

Rating: 3.5/5

Publisher: New Page

Price: $15.99, $7.05 used on Amazon

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