Pagan Geography: A Place of Our Own

Sometimes, I wish I had a place to go light some incense and pray. A place where I could murmur liturgy to a public shrine. Maybe investigate some gods/goddesses/figures that I don’t know much about. A place where someone could stand beside me and do the same, both of us in quiet communion/community.

I envision this place being a house on a half an acre or so. Altars and shrines set up both inside and out. Candle light flickering, incense spiraling, softly whispered prayers. Perhaps volunteer attendants to ritually clean away debris and sacrifices, polish the statues, mop the floors. You know. All the little stuff that needs to be done in a house of worship.

Maybe it’s because I’m a solitary practitioner that I feel the need for some sense of community, but I feel that it would be helpful for all of us (::gesticulates wildly to all of the us::) to have a place that we’re more the same than different. No preaching, no rhetoric, no questions. Where it’s about common devotion, and everything else recedes into the background.