In Context.

For the past few days I’ve been searching the Internet and my library for socio-historical and mythological information about miscarriage and stillbirth. And…I’ve really come up short. I’ve found a lot about historical abortion, which, while fascinating, is not the nuance I’m looking for.

I’d like to do a post, or a series or posts, about the social, historical and mythological Pagan constructs of miscarriage and stillbirth. My assumptions are that it would be a taboo topic, since many of these societies were primarily concerned with fertility. Also, medical knowledge being variable, many women might not even know they’re pregnant. I will, however, give most women the benefit of knowing their bodies well enough to speculate.

So what are the stories around this? Who are the deities who preside over it?

And I just can’t find that information. I might be missing it completely. It might be hidden in books about broader topics that I haven’t found. Maybe I’m not keying in the right phrase. I’m hesitant to attribute the miscarriage label under Mother Goddesses, especially since I haven’t found references about them (Isis, Hera, Danu, Demeter, etc.) presiding over pregnancy loss.

On a personal spiritual level I’d like to incorporate this knowledge in my own practices. However, I think it would be a service to the community to have a resource pool for that information.

If you know anything, Pagan community, any tidbits at all, I’d love to hear them. Stories, songs, legends, rituals, deities, folk practices, herbs…whatever ya got.

Many blessings.