Sparkling: 2009 Bodegas Alma Negra Sparkling Rosé Malbec

It’s been awhile since the last wine post, and as I looked through some past photos I found one to share.

I picked this wine up for Beltane. It is one of the more interesting sparkling wines I’ve had.

Producer: Bodega Alma Negra

Geographical Location: Valle de Uco, Agrelo, La consulta, Vistaflores and Rivadavia (Argentina)

Varietal(s): Malbec

Color: Gold, hint of pink

Bubbles: Small, long-lasting (sign of a well done sparkling wine)

Smell: Berry, anise, candy citrus

Taste: Both J and I were perplexed by this wine. At first sip, straight out of the fridge (very cold) it tasted of anise/licorice and a very hard to describe berry-ish flavor. As it warmed slightly it was pure berries and cream, very delicious. We both enjoyed it.

Comments:  Paid about $15. Good value.

Food: Crème Brûlée, tres leches with berries, brie and other soft cheeses

Wine Wednesday

Until six p.m. yesterday evening, Wednesday was shaping up to be a Not Very Good Day. You know those days where all the little things go wrong? Jars wouldn’t open. Car seat buckles wouldn’t un-buckle. BabyGirl refused her naps and then vomited profusely all over our rug. The store didn’t have the right ingredients for the casserole I was making a sick friend.

I cried.

By the time we arrived home for the evening I knew what I wanted: a large glass of very good, cold white wine. I wanted to sit on the Earth and feel the grass, feel the sun, feel the breeze. So I did, and my husband and BabyGirl joined me. We sat outside and enjoyed the evening. J and I laughed at BabyGirl, talked about our day, read and just enjoyed being together.

Wine Wednesdays. A new tradition, perhaps?

Here’s the wine:

Producer: Marimar

Geographical Location: Russian River Valley, Sonoma County, California

Varietal(s): Chardonnay

Color: Butter yellow. I don’t think I’ve ever seen a wine so yellow!

Smell: Smoky, lemon, pear, burnt sugar

Taste: peach-candy, baked pear, rich, buttery but also a nice herb-green taste

Comments: Wow! This was a great, tasty wine. I usually don’t like Chardonnays, but Marimar Chardonnays are one of the only exceptions. Buttery and large flavors but the structure of the wine is completely balanced, with a nice acidic (in a good way) finish. Next time, I’d decant this wine first.

Food: herby salmon, creamy chicken, lemon-cream pasta sauces, hollandaise sauce, grilled fish and chicken